CB JOE TV & Appliance

Delaware’s best prices...and service!

Unmatched Service!

Not only does CB JOE TV & Appliance save you money, we also offer unparalleled service!

TV Servicing & Repair

Delivery & Installation

Unlike any other TV retailer in the area, we actually service what we sell! We stand behind all of our products and get involved with the after-the-sale issues. No other store does this!


For too long, we have let the big box stores off the hook for washing their hands of any product support. We feel strongly about the products we sell, so we do the right thing and stand behind them.

Once the other stores sell you a television, they pawn you off to the lowest-bidding third party to take it from there.


Having your TV delivered quickly, installed correctly, and hooked up properly is a big part of making your experience enjoyable. We do not source out this care.


CB JOE delivers, installs, connects, and teaches.

SUPPORT - The CB JOE Difference

Questions about your product? Hit the wrong button on the remote and now you are completely lost? Forget which button to press to switch inputs?

If you called our competition with these issues, the chances of getting a human to talk to are slim. The chances of getting one who can help you are none.

The CB JOE staff are friendly, patient and knowledgeable. CB JOE is a store with a brain you can talk to. Trained, polite personnel answer your questions.

If you have a problem with your TV, CB JOE will solve your problem by telling you which buttons to press on your remote. Our competition will try to solve your problem by telling you which buttons to press on your phone. Which approach do you think will be more helpful?